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We have been in the game for as long as we can remember and have worked on NRW projects big and small in some of the most challenging locations. Our expertise derives from those many years of experience of actual service delivery.

Water Loss Control
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affordable prices

Our small size means that our overheads are significantly lower than the big guys. This makes us very competitive and ensures you get maximum bang for your bucks.

Water Loss Control
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With established business operations and associates in USA, SE Asia and the Western Pacific, we are never far from reach.

Our understanding of NRW issues arises from many years in the field. We can provide client-specific solutions to ensure you achieve your NRW reduction goals.

We don't just talk the game, we play it, and we play it well. We have delivered real NRW reductions for our clients ensuring return on investment in the services we provide.

We won't stop until the job is done. We know what it takes to meet your goals and will never miss a beat in delivering your expectations.

Our approach


We understand NRW

We understand Non-Revenue Water and when it comes to tackling the problem, we know what works and what doesn't. This expertise derives from delivering industry best practices for public water utilities around the world.


We know how to deliver

Knowledge is power, but proven capability to apply and deliver that knowledge in even the most challenging of environments is essential. We have that proven capability. 

We may be small, but we are recognised experts in our field and have been successfully delivering Non-Revenue Water projects and services for our clients around the world since 2005.

Stephen Preston


Stephen established Waterframe in 2005 and
is the driving force behind Waterframe's international success. Stephen is currently based in Malaysia.

Peter Jinks

Director - USA

Peter is one of those unique guys that combines proven practical ability with immense technical know-how arising from 30+ years in the field. Peter is currently based in Guam.

Guido Wiesenreiter

Director - SE Asia

Guido runs our SE Asia operations and has many successful NRW projects under his belt. Getting it done is his motto and he has the experience and expertise to deliver. Guido is currently based in Malaysia.

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