Brunei-Muara DMA Implementation

Brunei Department of Water Services


The Brunei Department of Water Services Brunei (BDWS) has engaged WSO as an NRW Specialist Contractor for the “INVESTIGATION ON NON-REVENUE WATER AND RELATED ACTIVITIES FOR SELECTED DMAs IN BRUNEI MUARA DISTRICT”. 

The main objective of the project is to re-establish seven District Metered areas (DMAs) in the Brunei-Muara district and effectively reduce and maintain the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) to an acceptable level. This will form the basis to plan for a full scale NRW program for the entire water network in Brunei. Active leak detection and advanced pressure management will significantly help to reduce the NRW and to maintain the achieved savings.

The estimated Non Revenue Water level for Brunei is approximately 40%, which relates to 204 MLD. This rather high NRW justifies the need for an holistic NRW project.

The project duration will be 24 months. The starting date was the 16th November 2020 and the project completion date will be the 15th November 2022, followed by a 12 month defects liability period.

In addition to the DMA implementation, an holistic NRW Management system has been implemented and this forms the main platform for efficient and strategic network monitoring and NRW control. The system is also able to provide standardised IWA water balance reports for the entire system as well as for individual DMAs and water supply zones.

A GIS database and a hydraulic network model has been built to support the analytic tasks during and after the project. Selective reservoir monitoring has been carried out by installing data loggers at each respective reservoir. Selected billing data from DWS billing database system has been incorporated into the holistic NRW Management system and this will allow for a comprehensive meter and billing data analysis.

Scope of Work Summary:

  • GIS Implementation
  • Hydraulic Network Model Implementation
  • Re-establish 7 DMAs
  • Implement an NRW Management System
  • Carry out Customer Meter GPS Survey


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