Water Loss Control Program

Guam, USA


WSO, Inc. (a former subsidiary of Waterframe Limited, now an E-Source company) completed the GWA Water Loss Control Program Development and District Metered Area Implementation Plan in 2021. The program development works comprised three main phases:

  • Carry out island-wide independent water audit to validate the internal water audit carried out by GWA and to provide a top-down assessment of the annual volume of non-revenue water and its water loss components


  • Establish three temporary District Metered Areas (DMA) [for DMA definition see Island-Wide DMA Implementation Plan below] and carry out leak detection and repair in those DMAs to quantify the water loss recovery and cost savings that can accrue from active leakage control through reduction of physical losses


  • Develop a comprehensive water loss control program for GWA comprising an island-wide DMA-based water loss control approach with a view to providing a long-term sustainable and holistic approach to monitoring and managing water losses within the GWA water supply and distribution network

The Water Loss Control Program recommended a 5-year Capex and Opex program to implement 36 DMAs covering the entire GWA water supply and distribution network, building water loss control capacity, and carrying out comprehensive leak detection and repair activities, all with them aim of reaching the economic level of losses over the 5-year program timeline.

In 2021, GWA embarked on delivery of the Water Loss Control Program with Waterframe providing Technical Assistance for program management, training and ongoing water loss assessment.

The DMA implementation also includes the provision of the NRWManager non-revenue water management system. This system allows the DMA inflow to be monitored and also the monthly NRW volume to be automatically calculated for each DMA. 

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